Rabeneick – Unternehmen

Tradition meets purism

Rabeneick bicycles have a really long tradition. Already in 1930 August Rabeneick founded his two-wheeler factory in Bielefeld and a little later his first racing stable. For decades, the name Rabeneick was used in well-known races such as the Germany Tour, the Tour de France or the 6-Day Race.

Even then, August Rabeneick knew that the omission of superfluous parts and a focus on high manufacturing quality were important parameters for fast and particularly light bicycles. In this tradition, we have further developed the brand and reduced it to the essentials.

The result is functional bicycles and e-bikes for purists with a sense for design and technology. Today we see Rabeneick bikes and e-bikes as timeless style elements within the framework of holistic mobility concepts. The focus is not on the individual components, but on the visual and functional harmony of the whole. The resulting qualitative demand flows into every link in the production chain - from design to construction to final assembly.

less is more