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E-Bike Technology

e-series - E-bikes with the invisible e

less is more - the Rabeneick maxim has also been the focus of our design and development of our e-bikes and we have sought a technical solution for our e-series that meets this requirement to a particularly high degree.

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E-Bike Technik bei Rabeneick

The invisible e

In keeping with the maxim "less is more", we have given the e-series a particularly unobtrusive drive system. The 250 W rear-wheel motor and a 36-volt battery with a capacity of 252 Wh, completely integrated into the down tube, fit almost invisibly into the design of the extremely light e-bikes. Depending on requirements and model, e-bikes of the e-series are available as single-speed bikes or with sporty derailleur gears.

My Bike App von Rabeneick

Get on the bike and discover the app.

With the free My Bike app, your smartphone becomes a control unit and display at the same time, because the drive system of our e-bikes is completely controlled via the app. It communicates with the system via Bluetooth and offers clever system information such as speed, range, battery charge level or current power consumption.

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You have questions - we have the answers:

What is worth knowing about the engine?

The quiet rear wheel hub motor from Bafang has an output of 250 watts and is - like the e-bikes themselves - a real lightweight. With a weight of less than 3 kg, it is one of the lightest drives of its kind. With a maximum torque of 42 Nm, it offers sufficient propulsion and optimum support when starting from a standstill.

How is the battery charged?

That is e like easy. The 252 Wh battery integrated in the frame does not have to be removed for charging. An inconspicuous charging socket protected from the weather is located above the bottom bracket. Simply connect it to the plug, plug the charger into the socket and the battery charges.

How many kilometres does one battery charge last for?

That depends on various factors: Depending on where, how and in which wind and weather you are travelling, one battery charge is sufficient for a distance of up to 100 km.

How long does charging take?

That's pretty fast. It only takes about 3 hours to fully charge a completely discharged battery. However, an 80% charge takes less than 2 hours.

Is it possible to ride with an empty battery or an e-bike switched off?

Yes, and quite comfortably. When switched off, the system switches to the integrated freewheel so that the motor does not run along. So the switched off e-bike rides just as smoothly as a "normal" bicycle.

Can the integrated battery also be replaced?

A battery replacement can be easily carried out at any Rabeneick dealer. However, the removal of the battery, which is protected against theft and weather influences, should definitely be done by a professional.

How do I control my e-bike?

The e-bike control works completely via the My Bike app. Download the app, register your e-bike and the smartphone is control unit and display at the same time. Change the support level, switch the lights on or off or read important data such as current speed, range or battery charge level? Everything very easy, everything via app.

less is more