Electrifying, light, perfectly shaped -
e-bikes with the invisible e.

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Model overview 2021

Discover our new bike models 2021

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E-bike technology

In keeping with the maxim "less is more" -
the e-series with a visually inconspicuous drive system

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Urban, stylish and casual - who loves this lifestyle,
he takes him out on the street with our bikes.

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E-Bike mit unsichtrabrem E | Rabeneick

E-Bikes with the invisible e

Whether single speed or with sporty derailleur gears - the e-series brings the Rabeneick maxim "less is more" to the point.   

electrifying, light, perfect in form

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E-Bikes mit dem unsichtbaren e

Ob Singlespeed oder mit sportlicher Kettenschaltung – die e-series bringt die Rabeneick-Maxime „weniger ist mehr“ auf den Punkt.   

elektrisierend, leicht, formvollendet

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Rabeneick – E-Bikes 2020

Rabeneick e-bikes

You can hardly see the e of our e-bikes? It stays that way! Here you can find out everything about our new e-series.

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Farbwahl - vsf fahrradmanufaktur

Color? You have the choice

14 color options for individualists

Bike2Business – Rabeneick

Service bike leasing with bike2business

... now available for all models. 

Rabeneick – Umweltengagement

Looking for a catalogue?

We left it in the woods. 

Testbericht – Rabeneick

New! TC-E Carry

Nostalgia, urban lifestyle and lots of individuality: The e-bike with the practical click box made of real wood.

E-Bike Lifestyle
Testbericht – Rabeneick

TX-E in the electric bike test!

Grade "Good" for the puristic Singleespeed-Bike!


Less is more

In an increasingly hectic environment full of visual stimuli, many people long for resting points and purist design - especially in the field of e-bikes, urban bikes or trekking bikes. A reduced design language and unobtrusive colours fascinate and at the same time open up a new view of everyday things. 

The new light e-bikes, trekking bikes, urban bikes and city bikes from Rabeneick are the result of a reduction to essential elements. With a focus on purist design, function and quality, they stand for a new lifestyle and a sustainable view of mobility in everyday life and leisure - because less is often more.

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less is more